Pinball machine “Monster pinball”

This is a colourful and adventurous playfield with superheroes and villains. Your task is to lead a fight against a horrible green-tentacled hydra. Watch out! The hydra has a henchman in the form of a gruesome giant green lizard prepared to swallow every misaimed marble!

The game is illustrated by Reinis Pētersons.

The design, technical solution and assembly of all machines by Anti Saar & Kolm Elu.

Product measurements

90x44x22 cm
6.2 kg
150 €
(The additional costs for transport are ca 40 € across Europe)
The machine package includes an English manual and a set of accessories (balls, extra rubber bands, pins).

How to buy a game?

This is simple: just send an e-mail at and tell us you postal address. In case we have your chosen game at stock, we will send you a bill and put the product in the post in 2–3 days after you have paid for it.