Pinball machine “Football and footbrawl”

The bagatelle games of our parents and grandparents were often football-themed. Kolm Elu covers this must-have topic in the craziest way – all creatures great and small are horsing around in the playfield. You’d better check your counting – are you sure that there are eleven players in each team? And where on earth is the referee?

The game is illustrated by Federico Appel.

The design, technical solution and assembly of all machines by Anti Saar & Kolm Elu.

Product measurements

90x44x22 cm
6.2 kg
150 €
(The additional costs for transport are ca 40 € across Europe)
The machine package includes an English manual and a set of accessories (balls, extra rubber bands, pins).

How to buy a game?

This is simple: just send an e-mail at and tell us you postal address. In case we have your chosen game at stock, we will send you a bill and put the product in the post in 2–3 days after you have paid for it.